Following the success of last year’s walking weekend we have decided to arrange another weekend for 2023, on the weekend of 20 May 2023. You can choose and book your walk here.

All walks start from the Community Hall, Silver Street, Bruton, at either 2.00 pm on Saturday 20 May or 10.00 am on Sunday 21 May. The walks vary in length from an hour or so to eleven miles (four hours). Chose a walk that fits your experience and ability. There will be limited numbers on most walks. If over-subscribed we will run a waiting list.

The walks are free, but we would welcome a donation: either cash to help support the town council’s work on footpaths, or cake to eat when you return to the Community Hall at the end of the walk. The organisers (the town council’s footpaths working group) may change the details of the walks.

Saturday 20 May, 2.00 pmSunday 21 May, 10.00 am
Bruton’s floods and the flood prevention scheme
3.5 miles, about 90 minutes, easy

Led by Stuart Anderton of Bruton’s footpaths group, you will walk over Marydown (with great views) to Bruton’s flood prevention dam, and back along the River Brue.

Parts of this walk can be very muddy in or after wet weather. Cattle and sheep are to be expected. All off-road, except for the first and last sections in town.

12 places. Reserve a place now.
Short walk around Bruton, about 1.5 miles, less than 90 minutes, easy
Jocelyn Crawford of Bruton’s footpaths group will lead guided stroll round our lovely town, with highlights pointed out. All on pavements or paved pathways, so no need for wellies.

12 places. Reserve a place now.
Ridge Hill and the Hadspen Orchards
5 miles, two and half hours, easy (slightly harder in the wet)

Led by James Hood of Bruton’s footpaths group, this lovely walk through varied landscapes visits the Hadspen Orchards.

On bridleways, footpaths and very quiet roads, there is one short steep stretch which is slippy in the wet. If this is the case an alternative return route will be used.

15 places. Reserve a place now.
Lamyatt: 5 miles, two and half hours, moderate
Led by Pauline Wills of Bruton’s footpath group, this walk visits the neighbouring hamlet of Lamyatt via the ancient hollow way of Huish Lane. It returns over the Creech Hill ridge, before dropping steeply down to the lovely valley of Greenscombe.

The walk can be very muddy in places and there is one long steep descent. One very short section is on a busy road. Two other sections are on very quiet lanes.

15 places. Reserve a place now.
Alfred’s Tower and back
11 miles, four hours, long but easy

Join the Mendip Ramblers, under the leadership of Les Stather, for the hike to Alfred’s Tower and back.

One very short road section, otherwise on public footpaths. Much of the route will follow the line of the old Redlynch to Stourhead Coach Road. Expect mud, cows, and perhaps electric fences. Please note the length of this walk. Although easy, it is likely to suit more experienced walkers. Take something to drink and a snack as necessary.

No need to book: just turn up on the day.

Your guide

You can expect your guide to know the way, and to lead you round any unexpected diversions. You can also expect your guide to have checked the route in the 24 hours before your walk to ensure that all is well. We plan to follow the route as advertised, but may need to make last minute changes in response to local conditions.

Please note that your guide is not a qualified first-aider or a trained leader. They will try and respond to any emergency that arises, but in signing up for one of these walks you are accepting that you are responsible for your welfare on the walk, and that Bruton town council will not accept liability for any accident or injury you or a member of your party sustains, however caused.


Please wear appropriate footwear (if you turn up in flip-flops or high heels you will not be able to join your walk). Even in May the weather can be variable: bring warmer clothes, a hat and waterproofs as necessary. We strongly advise that you wear long trousers rather than shorts or a skirt. Nettle stings or bramble scratches are otherwise very likely.

If you have a health condition that may affect you on the walk, please advise your guide, in confidence, before the walk starts. Please also bring any necessary medication and supplies.

You will be asked to sign a register for your walk, which will include the mobile phone number of an emergency contact who is not on the walk. This information will be destroyed after the walk.

The walks are free. Please consider making a donation to support work on our footpaths. Or bring a cake, to share with others with tea and coffee when you get back to the Community Hall.


Children and young people are welcome to join the walk, provided they can manage the distance and are accompanied by an adult. We regret that those under 18 cannot join a walk unaccompanied.


Well-behaved dogs are welcome, but this is not a dog-walk. Your dog should be able to walk calmly on a lead through livestock: if they can’t, please don’t bring them. Please note that dogs will only be allowed off-lead at the discretion of your guide. If you bring a dog, you are accepting that you, and not Bruton town council, are liable for any nuisance or damage caused by your dog and for any harm to the dog.