Starting at Bruton Community Office

Walk west along the High Street (against the traffic) and take the first right turn up steep and narrow St Catherines Hill. The road levels and crosses a junction into Higher Tolbury. Continue straight ahead. The road becomes a track through the wood and eventually emerges onto the B3081.


Turn left along the road and follow for 200 m (ignoring a stile to the right). Take great care here: although there is not much traffic the road is narrow with blind corners. Go through a gate to the right onto a footpath (signed Snakelake and Milton Clevedon), and continue on an obvious route with the fence immediately to your right then between two lines of trees. The next stretch can be unpleasantly muddy. Go through a gate, down through a wood and another gate (often open) to a gate into a field at the bottom. After heavy rain the patch of field just beyond the gate can be awash.


Once through the gate the path disappears. Go straight ahead uphill, just to the right of the overgrown hedge ahead and a water-trough. Continue straight on past the gap in the hedge-line, turning left just before the hedge starts again. Follow the near horizontal track to a gate onto the drive to Greenscombe Farm. Turn right onto the drive. Ahead the valley splits, with a cone shaped hill between its two limbs. An ancient oak tree is prominent on this hillside. Your route will run up this hill past the oak and is clearer from here than closer up.

Continue to a gate on your left. Go through the gate and head to the right, briefly down past a wooded spring then up to the oak. Continue climbing steeply but make sure you pause to turn around and admire the view. The path levels out onto a ridge and comes to a gate. Go through the gate and follow the path (now feint) along the hedge to your right. Keep straight on as the hedge turns, and head for the gate hidden behind the cattle pen at the corner of the field. Go out onto the road.


Turn right onto Copplesbury Lane (signed Batcombe 3 miles at the road junction to your left) and follow the lane for a few hundred metres. Take the first turning on the right (signed Spargrove) through pillars onto Carrot Hill. Follow the road downhill, through trees, to reach Spargrove.


To continue towards Batcombe, pass Lower Spargrove Farm and go through the metal gate on the right directly in front of the Mill House.

Starting at Spargrove

With Spargrove Manor over to your right and Lower Spargrove Farm to your left head up the road, which starts to climb through the trees. It steepens as Carrot Hill Farm (now a substantial modern building) is passed on the left, then levels out shortly before reaching the T junction with Copplesbury Lane. Turn right. Shortly reach the junction with the B3081 where it crests Creech Hill. Turn left through a gate just before the junction and into the field.


The path is very feint: it skirts the cattle pen and leads over to and along the hedge on the left-hand side of the field to reach a gate. Excellent views open up on all sides. Go through the gate and follow the more obvious path directly ahead along the ridge, with drops into Greenscombe on either side. Descend just to the left of the magnificent old oak with glorious views ahead over Greenscombe to the Stourhead ridge in the distance.

Continue downhill, heading for a gate onto the drive to Greenscombe Farm. Turn right down the drive for 100m, where another gate on the left leads onto a track. Follow the track to reach and pass through a big gap in the hedgeline. Turn right downhill past a water trough to reach the gate hidden in the bottom corner of the field.


Go through the gate and uphill on an obvious path. The next section can be unpleasantly muddy. Go through another gate (often open) then shortly a third. Follow an avenue of small trees out into the field keeping close to the fence on your left. The path reaches a gate onto the B3081.


Turn left along the road for 200m, taking great care as the road is narrow with blind bends. After the first house on the right turn right into the drive to On the Brook, and immediately take a path to the left into the woods. Follow the broad path that runs straight ahead through the top of the woods. At the end of the wood the path drops down to houses and becomes a road (Higher Tolbury). Follow the road straight over the junction, then more steeply down St Catherines Hill to reach the High Street. Turn left for the Community Office.