A series of 18 walks were published as leaflets between 1998 and 2006. The walks, some of which are long, are still worth trying, but the directions can no longer be relied upon, so it is best to take an OS Map too. The leaflets appear to have originally been aimed at tourists: the walks start at the Station rather than the town centre. The attractive sketches and the maps were all drawn by Roy Taylor.

Walk No 6 from Set 2 (‘The Combes’) is no longer walkable because a permissive path has been closed by the landowner. Walk 2 (‘Spargrove and Batcombe’) and Walk 5 from Set 2 (‘The Groves’) are the same walk, but can no longer be recommended because of increased traffic on a stretch along the B3081. Walk No 7 from Set 1 (‘Four Churches’) also has a very dangerous short stretch along the A359, and presents route-finding difficulties, so too cannot be recommended.

To view, download or print a pdf file of any the walks click its image. A list of the walks with their length and a very brief description is further down the page.

Description of the walks

NameLength (miles)Brief description
1 Brewham7Mainly field with some road or track over pleasant undulating countryside. A challenging route to navigate, and a map is required. This walk has now been updated and is available here.
2 Spargrove and Batcombe8Road and field. Can be muddy in places, some climbs both ways. One section along the B3081 is now dangerous because of increased traffic and cannot be recommended.
3 Brickhill and Huish Lane6Field, lane and road. Steep in places.
4 Lamyatt5Field lane and road, over pleasant undulating countryside. Some climbs and descents.
5 Hadspen7Field, lane and road. Some sharp climbs.
6 Flood Prevention Dam4Popular local circuit, mostly off-road. Parts can be very muddy and occasionally impassable after flood conditions. A very similar walk is available on the website here.
7 Four churches7Field, lane and road. No big climbs. Very tricky route-finding at one point, and a short stretch along a fast and busy main road, so can no longer be recommended.
8 Redlynch4Field and road. No big climbs. This walk has now been updated and is available here.
9 Godminster2 1/2Field, lane and road. Gentle climbs, some mud.
10 Mill Dam2Short walk in and close to the town. This walk has now been updated and is available here.
Set 2/1 Ansford and Cole8Field, lane and road. Some climbs. Excellent views.
Set 2/2 Shepton Montague10Mostly lanes and roads. Steep in places.
Set 2/3 Alfreds Tower12Field and road. Long walk visiting the most prominent local landmark.
Set 2/4 Wyke and Huish Lane4Mixed field, lane and road. Short steep sections. This walk has now been updated and is available here.
Set 2/5 The Groves8Duplicates walk 2, under a new name, with slightly different instructions.
Set 2/6 The Combes9Field, lane and road, with good views. Not walkable at the moment as a permissive path has been closed.
Set 2/7 Greenscombe7Field, land and road, steep in places.
Set 2/8 Cole4Field and road. This walk has now been updated and is available here.