A short loop to the south east of Bruton featuring views of Alfred’s Tower and Glastonbury Tor. The route is generally Easy, but a some electric fences and an often-locked gate upgrade it to Medium.

Start at Station Road Car Park

On leaving the car park turn left.  Cross the road just before the railway bridge, pass under it, and take the path up a few steps and through a gate on the right.  Walk along the path next to the Abbey Ponds, continue through two gates and the Community Garden to a gate on far left. Cross the road (fast moving traffic) to a further gate and turn right through the Hauser and Wirth car park to a stile on the far side of the car park entrance.

Go over the stile and walk to the top of the field. Go through the gate (or over the stile or cattle grid) into the woods.  Not several large stone artworks with poems incribed on them. Follow the track and bear left to a gate and cattle grid. Turn right and walk along the field edge until you see a gate ahead on the far side. 

Go through the gate and continue straight across the next field, bearing very slightly left (NOT the more obvious track slightly to the right towards houses, or a track half left to a gate) to a double gate with a bridge between.

Continue in the same direction along a fenced path across the next field. There are views of Alfred’s Tower to your left. Cross over a stile, into patch of wood, across a wet ditch and over (or round) a further stile. Turn left and walk next to the woodland edge through this and a further field. These fields frequently have electric fences across them; although they are rarely live they can be awkward to cross. The wooded gully to your left is Deadman’s Hole. It’s not clear if it is named after a Mr Deadman, or for mere sinister reasons. At the corner of the woodland, turn right and go up the field to the top left hand corner. Go through the gate (the stile is usually overgrown) and cross the road.

Go through the gate (often padlocked so you may need to climb over) and walk alongside the covered reservoir. Where that ends, turn sharp left and cross the field until you meet the footpath which crosses at right angles (this is the Macmillan Way). Turn right and exit the field via a foot gate.

Keep to the right hand edge of the field until it becomes a farm track, passing a small pond on the left. Keep the ditch to the left and cross the next field. Note Creech Hill in front of you and Glastonbury Tor to its left, Bruton is entirely hidden in the valley. Birds of prey are often to be observed in this area. Pass through the gap in the hedge and proceed downhill keeping the hedge to you right. In the corner on the right is a double stile.

In the large downward sloping field head for the stile and gate in the opposite corner. The official path goes right across the field, but be prepared to go round the edge if crops or livestock make this a more considerate route. Cross over the stile and once again cross the road to the wide verge opposite. Turn left until you rach the entrance to the Hauser and Worth car park. Retrace your steps to sSation Road.