This walk (a re-write of Walks Leaflet Set 1 Number 8) goes gently uphill through fields to the hamlet of Redlynch and the attractive church of St Peter. Good views to Alfred’s Tower and Creech Hill on the return journey. Parts of the outgoing route can be very soggy going in winter. All on quiet roads or footpaths.

4 miles (6.5 km), easy. 90 minutes to 120 minutes. Last checked March 2021.


Route instructions (including map).

Map only.

GPX file.

Start at Station Road Car Park

From the car park turn right along the road with St. Mary’s Church on your left. On reaching Church Bridge continue straight ahead along Silver Street, through the buildings of King’s School, and turn left at a road junction at the top of the hill signposted to Godminster. Follow the lane round to the left, over the railway and past the recreation ground to a crossroads.


Take the footpath at the left-hand corner opposite, signed Redlynch (hidden in hedge). Briefly follow the hedge on the left before bearing right across the field, along the top of a small ridge, and towards the left-hand end of farm buildings. Veering slightly left aim for a gap in the hedge where a bridge crosses a stream and go through the metal gate on the far side. Heading slightly left cross a small field diagonally to a stile in the far corner. Over the stile into an enclosed path (can be slightly overgrown) beside a stream (often dry). Keep straight ahead to a stile into a field and follow the hedge on your left, heading for the woodland and the top left-hand corner of the field.


Cross over a stile, footbridge and stile and turn diagonally right to cross the field to a stile by a metal gate in the hedge at the top edge of the field. (Turn round to enjoy the extensive views, including Glastonbury Tor to the north west.) Over the stile and cross the top of a small field to two stiles with a dry stream bed and thick hedge in between. Continue straight ahead across the field to the far right-hand corner and a metal gate out onto a road. (The cottage on the right you passed, Discove Cottage, is where John Steinbeck lived in 1959 with his wife, Elaine, whilst researching material for his work The Acts of King Arthur and His Noble Knights.) [This is not the route shown on the O.S. map, which is currently obstructed where it reaches the road. It is the waymarked route, and avoids the obstruction.]


Turn left along a road and continue to reach St. Peter’s Church, Redlynch on the right. Go through the metal gate almost opposite, (search and you will find a Leland Trail sign), and shortly reach another stile and bridge, then continue to the end of hedge. Before the brim of the hill turn right keeping the hedge on your right, passing round the small Redlynch reservoir, to the main road. [The direct route on the OS map has been obstructed for at least a decade. This route is the easiest and best way of avoiding the obstruction].

Cross to the gate opposite (beware traffic). (Admire the view ahead to Selwood Forest and Alfred’s Tower). Continue through the gate (or over the stile in the hedge, if not overgrown) and down the field, almost to the bottom, keeping the hedge on your right, crossing a farm road and then heading for the stile in the far left-hand corner by woodland.


Do not cross this stile but turn sharp left. [The O.S path crosses the fence and almost immediately comes back over the stile]. Keeping the woodland on your right go up the field and through a gap in the next hedge. (Old stile lost in hedge). (Beware of many badger setts along this fence line with many large holes in the ground). Towards the top of this next field turn right, through hedge, probably circumventing the stile, and over a small wooden bridge and stile to another great view. Straight ahead to a stile, along a fenced path between farmyard and fields and over a double stile and small bridge. Head slightly left across the next field to a metal gate, with the wooded summit of Creech Hill almost directly ahead in the distance.


Continue straight ahead towards the woodland and the bottom left corner of the large field. Go through a metal gate (cattle grid) into the woodland and follow track to another cattle grid and metal gate or stile. (Enjoy the view of Bruton). Continue downhill to a stile beside the entrance to Hauser & Wirth (Durslade Farm). Continue down the car park drive into the small car park on the left and to the gate towards the left-hand corner. Through the gate, cross the busy main road and go through another gate in the wall opposite. Turn right and follow the permissive path through the Community Garden to another gate, a driveway and a further gate.


Take the permissive path straight down to the right of the old fishponds and out onto the road through the gate just before the railway. Turn left under the railway bridge, cross the road to face the traffic and continue down to Station Road Car Park, straight ahead.

ALTERNATIVE ROUTE at 7 above to include THE DOVECOTE (additional 0.3 miles).

Take the permissive path to the left of the old fishponds and bend round to the left to climb the hill. Follow the path through a gate and so to the Dovecote (to be rewarded with a panoramic view of Bruton and the surrounding area). Return by the same path, bearing left at the bottom of the steep hill to cross the stream to the gate out onto the road. Turn left under the railway bridge, cross the road to face the traffic and continue down to Station Road Car Park, straight ahead.