This 4.6 mile walk (each way) on generally well signed paths and a quiet lane with some excellent views is a pleasant and an easy walk after the relatively gentle climb out of Bruton. Be sure to turn round as you climb to admire the superb views of Durslade Farm, the Dovecote, Bruton and Creech Hill beyond and later, in front of you, Alfred’s Tower and Selwood Forest. An alternative return route is offered for increased interest. (This route has two non-dog friendly stiles: if your dog is too large to lift or can’t negotiate its own way over, return by the outgoing route). Expect cows and mud somewhere on the way.

4.5 miles (7.5 km) each way. Easy. 1 hour 35 minutes to 1 hour 55 minutes each way.




Start at Station Road Car Park

On leaving the car park walk straight up the road to the railway bridge. Cross the road with care just before the bridge and take the gate on the right into the field immediately beyond the bridge. Follow the path gently uphill, with the road on your left and ancient Abbey ponds (grown over) on your right. Go through 2 further gates into the community gardens and follow the path straight ahead to a gate on the left. Go through this and the gate opposite, taking great care crossing the main road, and into the Hauser & Wirth (Durslade Farm) car park. Turn right to go through the gap in the wall into the larger parking area and continue to the car park entrance from the main road. Continue up the grass verge on the left of the road and then cross again into the small lane opposite, signed Discove Farm.


Immediately on your left take the stile (Leland Trail) and cross the field diagonally towards the top right-hand corner, heading for the bulge in the right-hand hedge. Beyond this, in the top corner, you will find a stile, bridge and stile through the copse. Go up the left-hand side of the next field and through a gap in the next hedge and then a wooden walkers’ field gate beside a 6-bar gate near the top of the hill. Continue across the field towards the slight rise in the middle of the field and you will see a metal gate straight ahead. Go through this gate, over a bridge and through another metal gate. Carry straight on with the hedge on your left to another metal walkers’ gate beside a 7-bar gate to reach the minor road at Redlynch. Turn left to reach the main road and turn right, following the road for a short distance to a stile (still Leland Trail) opposite the entrance to Redlynch House, crossing the road at the most appropriate point.


For well over a mile your way continues, straight as an arrow, along the route of the former coach road connecting Redlynch House with Stourhead. Follow the track through the trees to a house on the edge of the wood. Go to the left of the main house, following the signs carefully. Continue in the same direction gently downhill through several fields, gates and stiles admiring the views ahead, to a metalled road.


Turn right along the lane, shortly bending sharp left then sharp right and continue for around half a mile to a road junction signed Charlton Musgrove to the left.


Turn left and immediately right over a stile into a field. Follow the animal track down the left-hand side of the field onto a larger track through a dip into the next field. Continue to follow the left-hand edge of the field to a stile, small bridge, and another stile in the corner. Continue with the hedge on your left to another stile on your left into a small copse. Go through the copse, over another bridge and stile and out into rough ground and a field. Aim for the gate opposite and go through this, continuing straight across the next field, over a tarmac track to a stile in the corner opposite. Go over this, through the hedge and up 2 steps onto the busy road. You will see the Old Smithy ahead on the left just around the bend of the road.

Return route to Bruton from the Old Smithy Pub

Turn right out of the pub to the hedge just round the right-angle bend in the road. Go down 2 steps, through the hedge and over a stile.  Head straight across the field to a gate on the far side. Through the gate bear right to find a stile buried in the copse at the far-right corner of the field. Go into the copse, over the stile, a bridge and a second stile into a field. Turn right with a hedge on your right to another stile, bridge and stile. With the hedge still on your right continue to pick up a track through a dip into the next field. Still with the hedge on your right follow the animal track to the gate that leads out onto the road. Turn left onto the road and immediately right, signed North and South Brewham (5 above).

Follow this road gently uphill and then, shortly after a sharp left and sharp right turn, go through the gate on your left to join the Leland trail. (4 above).

Go through three fields. In the middle of the fourth field take a feint track leading to an opening in the hedge and a farm track. Just through the hedge go through the gate on your left, (the stile is hidden in the hedge), and cross the field diagonally to a (non-dog friendly) stile onto a driveway lined with poplars. Keeping in the same direction cross the drive and go over the stile into the next field to a hole in the hedge in the far corner. Go over the stile, bridge and stile and in the next field keep closely to the hedge on your right to a stile and bridge though a hedge and out onto the fairly quiet road.


Turn left and walk up the road for 375 yards to the second driveway on your right to Green Lane and Tower View Cottages. Go down this drive, keeping to the left through a wooden gate and then another, passing a new house development on your right. Pick up the path into the wood and after a short distance turn sharp left to a stile into a field. Go down the field keeping the wood on your right to a stile at the bottom of the hill. Continuing with the wood on your right go up the field, through a gap in the hedge to reach a stile (or path round it) bridge and second stile near the top right-hand corner of the field.


Follow the fenced in path to another stile, bridge and stile and, bearing slightly left, aim for the field gate in the next hedge and a walkers’ gate. Continue down this large field in the same direction, with Creech Hill in front of you but slightly to the right, to the bottom left-hand corner of the field and a cattle grid into a wood. Go through the gate and the track will take you slightly left then right to drop down to another cattle grid and gate and a superb view of Durslade Farm, the Dovecote, Bruton and beyond. Go straight down the field to a stile by the main entrance to the Hauser & Wirth car park. Go down the car park towards the buildings and through the wall to the lower stony car park and a gate near the far-left hand corner. Cross the main road with great care and go through another gate into the Community Allotment Garden. Turn right following the well-marked path down into Bruton through 2 gates, down past the Abbey ponds and out onto the road by the railway bridge through another gate. After going under the bridge cross the road and continue down the pavement to Station Road Car Park.

Explore Somerset map references

Station Road SE then permissive path to Hauser and Wirth. WN 5/20 to public road at Redlynch. East to junction with B3081 then SE on B30181. WN 5/49 then WN 4/28 to Coachroad Farm. Public road south to junction. WN 8/19 to Charlton Musgrove. Return by outgoing route as far as junction of WN 4/28 and WN 4/35. WN 4/35 to Hardway. West on Hardway to WN 4/39 then WN 5/15 to rejoin outgoing route at Hauser and Wirth.