Author: James Hood

To the Three Horshoes (Batcombe)

A pub walk, the quickest way to walk to Batcombe (other than along the road) and a good way of shortening other longer routes. Easy, and about 3 1/2 miles each way.

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Batcombe: the long way round

This new walk is the longest walk on the site, using less well-known routes to visit Batcombe and return via Milton Clevedon and Lamyatt. The possibility of seeing hare and deer, the certainty of good views and a pub just before the halfway mark make this a good day out. Because of its length this cannot be considered a beginner’s walk. 9 miles (14.5km), 3 hours 30 minutes to 4 hours 15 minutes, moderate.

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Lusty Hill and New Barn Farm

This short and easy walk takes you up Lusty Hill Lane, across fields and back via Godminster Lane. Pleasantly quiet and rural, but undemanding. 2.5 miles (4 km), 55 minutes to one hour 15 minutes, easy.

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This easy walk climbs gently up the hills to the south of Bruton to reach the ancient road of Hardway. It then takes the route of the less ancient Stourhead to Redlynch coach road and returns to Bruton by the Macmillan Way.

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