The walk from Batcombe to Spargrove is delightful, well-signed, and very easy to follow with a clear path the whole way. It is very popular with Batcombe dog-walkers. It leads through a pre-industrial landscape of riverside meadows and mill leats (there was a mill at Batcombe, another at Mill Farm, and a sizeable mill at Spargrove).

From Batcombe walk west along the road below the church. After Church Farm is passed on the right, turn left down Mill Lane.


At the bottom of the lane turn right along the bank of the river, through the woods, across a bridge and into a field. Continue along the field, over a stile, a further field and stile and out onto the Bruton-Westcombe Road.

Across the road go over another stile and half left across the field (often full of Shetland Ponies) to reach a gate and a wide wooden bridge. Once over the bridge turn right to follow the riverbank. The owner of Mill Farm has helpfully mown a wide path here. Go through a gate and cross the river by an old bridge. Continue to a wooden gate, on across the next field and over a pair of small footbridges to another wide field.

Go along the right-hand edge of the field, turn right over a bridge (across the mill leat for Spargrove Mill several hundred metres further downstream) and continue between the mill leat and the river. On the right a bridge leads to the gardens of Batcombe Bottom Farm. Continue to a further bridge into the next meadow, noticing a minor aqueduct to your left where the mill leat passes over a field-ditch. At the end of the next big meadow, over another bridge, Spargrove becomes visible. The right of way heads just to the right of the Mill House at the end of the meadow, through a gate and onto the road.

Turn left to return to Bruton via Greenscombe, right for the route via Lamyatt.


To return to Batcombe, go through the metal gate beside the Mill House, and continue through the field to reach a small bridge and on into the next large meadow. Continue on the obvious path to reach another bridge (with a small aqueduct carrying the mill leat over a ditch to your right). Go through the next meadow, passing a bridge leading to Batcombe Bottom Farm on your left, then turn right to cross the mill leat and left along the edge of the field.

Two small footbridges lead on into the next meadow (ignore the larger bridge to your left). At the end of the next meadow go through a wooden gate, then over an old bridge and a gate to reach the grounds of Mill Farm, where the owner has mown a riverside path to follow. Reach a wide bridge and go through a gate, cutting diagonally across the next field (often full of Shetland ponies) to a stile leading to the road.

Cross the road to a further stile, continuing to a small bridge leading into woods by the riverside. Reach the road at the bottom of Mill Lane.


If heading back to Bruton by route A via Hedgestocks turn right here. For Batcombe walk up Mill Lane, turn right on reaching the road at the top, and continue to Batcombe Church.